Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, over 1 million people come to Alaska, visiting for the raw untouched beauty of the state's wilderness and the rugged people who call it home. What if you could visit a bit of Alaska that you owned? Most visitors leave with just a few trinkets and memories. We wanted to help people who visit feel deeply connected to a part of the experience that is Alaska, and we can do that by inviting them to get in touch with their own Bit of Alaska! Members of Bit of Alaska become members ("Owners") by way of honorary certificate, of a square inch of land on all Bit of Alaska properties.

In Alaska, (and most states in the United States) it is not possible to subdivide a parcel of land down to a square inch, overloading the recorder's office. Your membership in Bit of Alaska establishes you as an honorary "owner" of a square inch of the Bit of Alaska properties, but this is represented by undivided interest - meaning that your membership allows you to access the whole property (and other Bit of Alaska properties!), not just the individual square inch.  

Instead, you are buying a perpetual membership that will grant you permission to visit the properties of Bit of Alaska for as long as they remain under the company's control. Bit of Alaska hold responsibility for all taxes, insurance, and any other filings - you never have to worry about those elements of "ownership."  

Your one time payment is good for the life of the company! 

In each packages' case, you are getting the equivalent of 1 square inch of property, but it is undivided, so you can enjoy the entire plot of land the same as all the other members! We will only sell as many memberships as there are square inches of the property though! 

For the Bitty Basic Package, the shipping is instant! You will be emailed a PDF of the certificate with your name, date of purchase and membership number, suitable to be printed and hung on your wall the same day!  

For all other packages or merchandise, there will be time frames for shipping listed on the item description. Each package has different additional items that take different times to manufacture so the times may vary, and be dependent on the time of year. Generally we will use USPS Priority Mail (for both domestic and international orders) and the shipping time is usually 5-8 days for domestic and 10-14 days for international, but each item has a more specific time frame that includes the item manufacturing time as well. 

The membership is perpetual, so as long as we are a company and own property, you will have access to said property! 

For a small record keeping fee we can transfer your membership (with the same number) to another person. They can also re-order the certificate to reflect that as well for an additional printing and shipping fee. Use the Contact Us link below to initiate the transfer! 

None! Never! We will keep the property insured and pay all the property taxes required. We will also never ask you to pay for membership again (unless you want to buy a membership for a friend! It makes a great gift!). The only additional fees that are incurred is if you wish to transfer your membership and number to another person, and then a small record keeping fee is assessed, and if the person wants a reissued membership certificate we can do that for them at a small fee as well.  

The land is located near Ketchikan, Alaska! Called the "First City," "The Gateway to the Inside Passage," and the "Salmon Capitol of the World." Ketchikan is the first city that you will stop at if you come here by ferry, cruise ship or airplane, which coincidentally are the only ways to get to our fair island! You will be emailed a map that shows the exact location, along with several pictures of the property too! 

Bit of Alaska, LLC is not aimed at people who are looking to invest in property in Alaska or anywhere else. Our product is a unique, unusual and fun, but it is not something that we expect to increase in value or to be a regularly re-sold item. Your purchase is more about having access to the property we hold, and being a part of the Alaskan experience! If you are interested in buying full title to a piece of Alaskan property, we recommend contacting a real estate firm in the area to do so! 

No. Contrary to a few cartoon dramatizations, being eligible to receive the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is not as easy as it might seem. Owning land is not enough to qualify, and neither, unfortunately, would buying our product. To receive the annual dividend payout, a person must reside in the state for the preceding year and prove as much. Falsely claiming residency or that you resided in the state is actually a felony, and can result in fines and even jail. See the State of Alaska's website for more information: Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend