Now that we have achieved the purchase of our initial property, we are working on building up enough new members to buy a parcel that is more accessible to visitors.  While we would love to invite everyone to come and trek out to the current piece, we feel it is important to respect the property itself by focusing on preservation and conservation on this untouched parcel, to respect the covenants, conditions and restrictions that exist on the property (CCRs) and the property owners near by us as well.  For these reasons we are not promoting people visiting this parcel.  

Once we achieve a secondary parcel, around the 2,500 member mark, we will be setting up visitors areas in the new area that can properly accommodate visitors in a convenient, safe, respectful manner. Until then, we will continue to bring our Bit of Alaska to you via our social media platforms.

 When Visiting the secondary property, or any public property in Alaska, we would hope and ask that you follow these basic principles of respect to the land which we call home:

  • Do not remove anything from the property, especially the plant life. While we hope to offer small gift items that include real living saplings of various trees that grow here, we harvest them sustainably. Please leave all other plant life untouched for the other members to enjoy.
  • Do not leave anything at the property.  Please be good neighbors and remove any trash you bring along with you. Trash receptacles will be available and marked on property maps.
  • No vandalism will be tolerated.  Documented vandalism can result in revocation of membership.