The Land

For many, Alaska is the final frontier. The access to pristine, rugged nature and untouched land is something that captures the human imagination. For decades this desire to see and experience Alaska has driven millions of people to the state.

Ketchikan is the southeastern-most city on the Alaskan panhandle and often serves as the first stop and “gateway” to the rest of the state through the famed Inside Passage. 

Full of art, culture, shopping, and history, Ketchikan is the “beginning of the last frontier” that hopes to keep visitors coming back again and again as they share their love of the area with the locals that reside here. 

As our little company grows, it is our intent to acquire more pieces of land throughout Alaska, and because your purchase of a "Bit of Alaska" will grant you permission to visit the properties, this inventory of places will grow over time!  As it does we will update this page and send along email updates as well! 

In July 2020, we were able to procure our first Bit of Alaska, located across the Tongass Narrows on Gravina Island, just south of Ketchikan International Airport. 

This parcel is inside a practically untouched development. To respect the land itself, the CCRs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions), and the neighbors who own lots near us, we find it important to not promote traffic to this area.  We are focusing on preservation and conservation, and our members agree to these values by being certificate holders. 

While we are asking people to not visit this first piece of property, when we reach 2,500 sales of memberships to Bit of Alaska, we will acquire a second parcel that is easily accessible for members to visit and experience.

Once we have reached this milestone we will update everyone and continue to bring Alaska to you, Bit by Bit!